A Statistical Look at Bingo

The Bingo games are highly popular among the people of different parts of the world. The reason is simply the fun games which are prepared with interactive interface and sense of usability that it feels good to play them. Nowadays the games are available over the internet on various bingo sites which provides great games. The http://www.thebingoonline.com/ too has wide variety of interactive bingo games.

The bingo market, whether it is online or offline, has increased manifold ever since its advent. People are going crazy about it and the popularity has increased a lot in a short span of time. TheBingoOnline is a popular destination for online bingo games with a wide variety to choose from.

So, in this article we’ll have a statistical look at the growing Bingo market. And will along the perspective of various countries which are a big market of bingo.

First of all we see an overall estimate which is increasing day by day. The online bingo gambling games’ capital worth is considered to be around $1.95 billion as of the year 2009, which was a 16% increase compared to the previous year i.e. 2008.

UK’s Bingo Market

The UK bingo gambling market is considered the biggest in the world with an estimate of around $560 million as of year 2009. This was a massive increase in the worth, which is around 25% compared to the 2008’s.

In the UK, more than 300 online bingo sites and brands are actually operating and this number is increasing steadily. And it is expected that the sites will keep on growing as more and more are heading towards it.

The UK is a mature market for the online bingo games, and it’s not surprise that the owners of such businesses are ready to spend heavily on TV commercials and other promotional aspects.

Spanish Bingo Market

The Spanish bingo market is also a big market with a great number of bingo players and the total worth. The Spanish bingo market’s estimated worth is around $255 as per the year 2009. This is according to the gross gambling yield of the year.

The Spanish market might not be as big as the UK’s, and it’s just considered as an infant, it is viewed by many as a big market of futurewith great potential. The reason for people to consider so is that historically, Spain had a large number of bingo clubs that used to generate somewhat around $1.8 billion in gross gambling.

Swedish Bingo Market

The Sweden is also a key market for bingo games globally. The Swedish online bingo market is worth $176 in terms of gross gambling yield of the year 2009.

This market is considered quite mature similar to the UK, and has great potency in the field.

In this article, we saw some of the known bingo markets and their worth. Most of them are available online providing various bingo games. TheBingoOnline is a known name in the online bingo games.

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