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Signing up to a new bingo site can be a big decision. Anyone who wants to, whether they’re a new player looking to see if bingo is worth the time or a seasoned veteran who wants to know where to spend their hard-won cash for the best returns, has to weigh up a number of options when considering which might be the best site. These are generally, reputation, competitions, extras and probably the most influential thing is the incentives that bingo sites offer. These can be anything from a fiver when you first sign up to their site, to double the investment you make when you first deposit some cash.

 How do Bingo Incentives Match up to Winnings


With such big variations there’s a lot to consider, and some people even speculate that you’re less likely to walk away with this cash due to time restrictions on when you can withdraw, encouraging players to blow away all their winnings in the first few weeks. Here are some of the points to consider when looking at paid and free bingo incentives.

Free deposits

These are one of the two main incentives available. They are great in the way that they don’t require any of you own cash to start up, meaning that if you get that first lucky win at the beginning then you could end up winning fat wads all through the company’s money. The bad part of these though is that typically you can’t withdraw any winnings until either a specified date after you sign up, or until you eventually deposit your own money. The theory behind that is that by the time the specific date has arrived, you’ll have probably pumped any winnings back into more bingo games.

Paid deposits

These are the other popular alternative. The incentive comes in the form of “we contribute 100% on top of your first deposit,” so if you deposit £30, you’ll have £60 to spend. Although these seem like there’s a bigger pay-out at the minute so it may be a worse deal, there aren’t usually as many restrictions of what you can do with the money once you’ve started winning. bingo bonus ohne einzhalung

Which one is better?

You can spend hours trying to work out which one of these is better for you or more profitable, but the great thing is that you can often do both! Sites like Bingo Cams offer free incentives as well as paid ones, so you can have the positive sites to every argument.


Although the 100% extra incentives are really good at getting you some extra cash, remember to only spend what you can afford on a signup. Gambling help sites discourage players from depositing too much cash at the beginning to prevent any negative consequences financially.