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 Dice Games

These bets may seem complicated, but once you start to play is easy to understand. One tip is to play craps free to practice and become familiar with this type of craps bets and rules before starting to do it for real money. There are several simple denominated bets available in craps that can be done whenever you want during the game round and placed in the area where images appear with the different combinations of dice.

Examples of a single bet are the "snake eyes", a bet that the player has to get a 2 (January 2) to get the win. "Hi-Lo" is another well-known betting and winning the player does this serve if a 2 or a 12, like "Any Seven" which, as its name suggests, if 7 is is a winner.

There are more bets, but to be indicated on the board and be like, need no explanation. The only thing that should be remembered is that these bets offer higher house advantage than that obtained with previous bets: Pass Line / Do not Pass Line and Come / Do not Come, so that they are not the most desirable.

There are other bets that can include multiple runs until states if you are a winner or not. The most popular are the Buy / Lie and of Place Winner / Loser. When a Buy bet, you must choose one of the following numbers: 4, 5.6, 8, 9 and 10. If this comes out before a 7 is rolled, the casino would pay, the casino would pay a similar bet the player.

As often happens in the casino games, the house has to have an edge, so that when that happens, the player pays 5% of the casino profits. These bets are exactly the same as before, but do not offer the same gains of money that named Purchase or Lie, achieving win the place bet winner if said number comes before 7 or vice versa, the Loser if out of place 7 before the number.