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 Tips Of Online Keno

Keno is one of the oldest games in history, although it had been quite into disuse until recently as such, at least in Spain. The rise of online gambling, however, it is reviving, and from here we explain to our readers the basics of this fun and easy to learn. Although little known name would have, keno is a game very similar to those that can be found anywhere Management Lotteries Spanish State. Keno is a game concept almost similar to La Primitive, Boohoo or Euro millions because it is waiting to pick some numbers that these are the winners.

If you already know how the Keno can find below a list of the best online casinos that offer entire Network keno game to its users. The casinos listed items were analyzed and sorted by our team of experts to guide visitors and give them access to the best casino online keno there.

Keno is one of the oldest games in history, its beginnings dating back to thousands of years ago. The earliest texts that speak of the game dating back to around 200 BC. According to these texts, the Chinese General Cheung Leung, to raise funds for their troops and the refusal of the people to offer more money after years of war invented a game where you could get great benefits with just a small amount of money.

The "Game of the White Dove" was known because the pigeons were responsible for bringing the results to the neighboring villages consisted of 80 symbols and the performance was very similar to current keno. The success of the game was total and not only funds raised were used to finance the war, but with the benefits achieved are financially supported the construction of the Great Wall of China. The major difference difference between keno and bingo is that, at last, the player has some preset numbers on each ticket, at keno is possible to determine not only which numbers to play, but how many play.