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As discussed throughout the article, there are many bets that can be made at the craps table, but in the beginning it is necessary to know all of them, so it is convenient to start with the Pass Line / Do not Pass Line and continue to learn all the other later. It is also useful to know that there are simple bets as they offer a great advantage to the casino, so they are less beneficial for the player. Given The best strategy is one in which the casino advantage is the lowest possible since Craps is a game of chance and depend solely on luck, always after making the bet. Best bets that can be made in craps is the Pass Line / Do not Pass Line and the Come / Do not Come. If the player makes these bets, the house edge is at 1.40%, which is quite low.


In Blackjack, one of the worst situations for a player is one in which a dealer is showing an Ace or 10-value card in his up card as there is a risk that the dealer gets Blackjack. When the dealer's up card is an AS, you can make sure the Blackjack bet that involves betting that the dealer will get Blackjack. The outcome of insurance bets will be the start of the game if played on a table in the American mode and end of the game if you play the form.

The basic strategy table in a table contains basic strategy explained in the previous article. The table shows the action to take, as the basic strategy for each value of the dealer's up card and each player's hand. There are two tables, one for when the deck consists of several decks and another for when the deck is a single deck.